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Isramarket Ltd. under the new domain is the oldest and largest meat alternative distributor, in Israel.

We import, produce and distribute meat alternative related products, to thousands of Israeli customers.

We started Isramarket in 1996, way before vegan became cool, we started small by supporting local customers who would not settle, requesting what they deserved: healthy, high protein, low fat alternatives to meat, with a great bite. in 2012 the market gained critical mass and we have been working hard, to support the market's growth since then.


We serve over 3200 local customers, from the largest food companies in Israel, such as Strauss group and Diplomat, to small town local favorites, like Liati's coffee shop, located in Bazel TLV. 


We supply to restaurants chains, independent restaurants, hospitals, kindergartens ,nurseries, yeshivas, kibbutz’s, the Israeli prime minister’s office, even the Mossad.


Our lead time is under 3 days max, our customers know we never leave them without a solution, day or night.


Our vendors know we are solid long-term partners, the best fit for the Israeli market.


Some of our customers names, mean little to the overseas visitor, but locally they are the leaders.

Out of the top 10 vegan dishes, one can find in israel, as chosen by both TimeOut magazine, Haaretz and other leading food publications, over 80%, base their dishes, on our supply. 

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